Sunniest Cities in Canada


If you’ve been looking at going solar, there’s no doubt you’ve at least thought about whether or not your hometown has enough sunlight to make solar power a viable option for energy production.

There’s no need to worry when a system is properly designed, solar is a viable way to save money almost anywhere! Just for fun, though, we’ve compiled this short list of some of Canada’s sunniest cities. Did your hometown make the cut?

5. Saskatoon, SK

With approximately 2268hrs of sunlight, Saskatoon places at number five on this list. Know what else is great about Saskatoon (and all of Saskatchewan) for solar? There is currently a 20% rebate!

4. Regina, SK

Another Saskatchewan town. Regina enjoys about 2318hrs of sunlight, and the same 20% rebate is available to residents of the city and the rest of the province too!

3. Edmonton, AB

Edmonton may be known as “oil country,” but the city has been making huge progress in it’s transition to a greener economy. With 2345hrs of sunlight, the home of the Oilers makes the top three.

2. Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city in the province of Manitoba. Homeowners in the area can expect 2353hrs of sunlight to reach their rooftops, and the local utility, BC Hydro is also offering attractive rebates, but only for a limited time.

1. Calgary, AB

Calgary has been a centre of Greentech innovation, and has lead the charge in Canada’s new green economy. With 2396hrs of sunlight, the home of the Flames is Canada’s sunniest city.


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