Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Go Solar


Solar is a great way to save money, add value to your home, and help minimize your personal carbon footprint. If you’ve been thinking 2018 may be the year that you decide to go solar, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re thinking about waiting, we have a list of reasons why RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to make the switch.

1. You May Miss Out on the Sun.

Going solar is really easy, however, it does take time. Most of the waiting between contract signing and install is for government-issued permits as well as to have your new Net-Meter installed. This can take months, and if you wait to begin this process, your awesome new system may not get installed until late summer or fall, and you’ll miss out on all of the summers energy savings.

2. Government Incentives Don’t Last Forever.

Right now the Government of Saskatchewan (through SaskPower) is offering a 20% rebate on solar systems, however, this is expected to change this fall. Government incentives are a great way to make the already low cost of going solar even more affordable, and you certainly don’t want to miss out. The Governments of Alberta and Manitoba also offer great solar rebates to homeowners.

3. Private Rebates.

In addition to government-provided incentives, SolarCorp is also offering a rebate of 10% off of new solar systems purchased before April 1st. This rebate is available to everyone, and there are no application or decision criteria.


Going solar has never been a better option for Canadian homeowners, and is your one-stop source for all the information you need to make the switch to cleaner, greener energy. This post was brought to you by SolarCorp, Canada’s leader in solar. Getting a quote is easy and free, plus there’s no obligation to buy. You simply have to fill out the online form and they’ll use advanced satellite imagery to deliver your accurate quote and energy savings estimate within 24 hours.