Roof vs. Ground Mounted Solar


There are two different types of solar available to Canadian homeowners. These options are called “rooftop” and “ground-mount”.


Rooftop solar is the easiest and most space efficient option. It is also the only option (besides “community solar”) available to homeowners living in cities and towns.

With this type of solar the panels are mounted directly onto the roof of your home. They fit close to the roof and share the slope and orientation with it. As this option uses the roof as its base it is usually somewhat less expensive than systems on the ground.


Ground-mount systems are used when there is not enough space on a roof (for larger energy needs) or if the roof may not be capable of supporting the panels or need to be replaced soon (older structures). This option is popular with rural homeowners living on farms and acreages, but can also be used in “community solar” projects in which members of a town or neighborhood pool their resources and share the savings of a single solar system.


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