Solar Frequently Asked Questions

Will solar add value to my home?

Solar is a highly desirable feature with an increasing popularity with home buyers. In short, a solar system should, in fact, increase the overall value of your house.

How much will I save?

Savings vary based on the design and size of your system, as well as the slope and orientation of your roof (for rooftop systems). SolarCorp includes an energy savings estimate with your free, no obligation quote.

What maintenance is required?

Absolutely none! A solar system has no moving parts whatsoever and will not require any sort of maintenance. Panels are rated for hail and can withstand the cold. In the highly unlikely event that something does break, all components are backed by manufacturers warranty and SolarCorp has locations conveniently located in several location to offer prompt service and support.

What about snow?

Solar panels actually produce a small amount of heat. Couple with the slick, sloped surface this heat allows any snowfall to slide right off of your panels, and there should never be a need to clear snow from them. If for some reason snow does stick, panels should still produce some electricity, and you may easily clear the snow.

How much does solar cost?

Just like savings, the cost of a solar system will depend on how big the the system you want is, and it will also be based on how and where you want your panels installed. The average price for a rooftop residential system from SolarCorp ranges from about 25 to 30 thousand dollars, before any applicable rebates or incentives. In some service areas, a $0 lease-to-own option may also be available.

Is it hard to go solar?

Absolutely not! Making the switch to solar is especially easy with SolarCorp. Our experienced and friendly staff will ensure solar is suited to your home and energy needs, design a system and quote that fits your life, and handle any necessary paperwork involved. For more on the overall process, see our post on it!


Going solar has never been a better option for Canadian homeowners, and is your one-stop source for all the information you need to make the switch to cleaner, greener energy. This post was brought to you by SolarCorp, Canada’s leader in solar. Getting a quote is easy and free, plus there’s no obligation to buy. You simply have to fill out the online form and they’ll use advanced satellite imagery to deliver your accurate quote and energy savings estimate within 24 hours.