Solar Performance on Cloudy Days

Did you know, solar panels actually still produce energy when it’s cloudy!

Solar energy comes from solar radiation, not the actual sunshine as many believe, and cloud coverage only has a negligible affect on the overall energy that reaches us from above when accounting for the total number of cloud covered days each year. Also, too much heat can actually reduce panel production to about 20% of their maximum, and some minor cloud coverage can actually cool them down. Canada’s winter is also perfect for keeping panels chilled and operating at peak efficiency, and since they do generate some amount of heat, any snow coverage will melt and slide off the relatively steeply angled panels, so there’s no need for snow clearance.

All of the panels offered by SolarCorp are rated for hail, and come backed by a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Assembled right here in Canada, you can also rest assured that they’ll power through any weather.


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