how solar works

Solar is a great way to save money each month, and it’s simpler and more affordable than you may think!

Solar Panels

AKA Solar Modules, these are what actually produces the power from the sun. Simply put, these modules convert sunlight into direct current (DC) energy. Even in adverse weather conditions such as snow or rain, the solar irradiance will still allow the modules to produce some power.

All panels sold by SolarCorp are assembled in Canada and backed by a 25 year power output warranty!


An inverter is a device that converts the direct current, or DC energy created by your solar panels to alternating current, or AC, energy that your home needs.

SolarCorp uses only a type called micro-inverters which are installed with each panel, allowing for greater system flexibility, easier maintenance, and better system monitoring.

Service Panel & Disconnect

On install day, a new electrical service panel and system disconnect will be installed to ensure safety for utilities workers in the future. From here, power flows into your home and to your electronics and appliances. With net metering, whenever you produce more than you’re using, it is fed back to the grid and you given credits for the power.

SolarCorp Meter

SolarCorp will install a meter on the side of your home, near the utilities meter. This will allow you to view and track your power production.

Net Meter

Your local utilities provider will install a new “net meter” before your solar system can be activated. The difference between this and a normal power meter is that it can go both ways, allowing you to feed power back onto the grid and receive credits for it.

And that’s all there is to it. Now, you may want to read our recent post about the process of going solar or reach out to us for a free, no obligation quote, energy savings estimate, and consultation.


Going solar has never been a better option for Canadian homeowners, and is your one-stop source for all the information you need to make the switch to cleaner, greener energy. This post was brought to you by SolarCorp, Canada’s leader in solar. Getting a quote is easy and free, plus there’s no obligation to buy. You simply have to fill out the online form and they’ll use advanced satellite imagery to deliver your accurate quote and energy savings estimate within 24 hours.